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Session Evaluations

Bookmark this page for easy access when the meeting starts or find links directly to each session evaluation from the meeting app. Evaluation forms for each session become available 15 minutes prior to the session's start time. In order to evaluate a session you attended, please follow the link for that session in the table below.

Session CodeSession NameDateTime
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Evaluate PRE 1911Critical Care Medicine 201904/09/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1901Dermatology for the Internist04/09/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1902Diabetes for the Internist04/09/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1903Perioperative Medicine 201904/09/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1913Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Internists and Hospitalists04/09/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1912Update in General Internal Medicine and MOC Exam Prep04/09/20198:00 AM
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Evaluate PRE 1904Advances in Therapy04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1909Battling Burnout Together: You are Not Alone04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1905Cardiology for the Internist 2019: "The Key Points"04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1911ACritical Care Medicine 201904/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1906Hospitalist: A Day in the Life, The04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1913APoint-of-Care Ultrasound for Internists and Hospitalists04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1908Practical Office Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for the Internist04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1910Transforming Your Practice to Improve Patient Outcomes, Increase Efficiency, Maximize Reimbursement, and Increase Joy in Practice04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1912AUpdate in General Internal Medicine and MOC Exam Prep04/10/20198:00 AM
Evaluate PRE 1914Women in Medicine: A New Era of Leadership04/10/20198:00 AM
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Evaluate MTP 089Back Pain: Get Your Patient Back in the Game04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 015Clinical Images to Improve Your Knowledge Base and Refine Your Clinical Reasoning Skills04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 043Deciphering Acid–Base Management04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 002Evaluation and Treatment of Supraventricular Arrhythmias: Feel the Beat04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 102Genetics: What the Internist Needs to Know04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 046Handoffs: Improving Patient Care Transitions within the Hospital04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 023Inflammatory Bowel Disease04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 052Inpatient Diabetes Management: Show Me Some Sugar!04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 022Life-Threatening ECGs Encountered in the Outpatient Setting04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 088Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What's New for the Internist?04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 028Practical Office Orthopedics for Primary Care Providers: The Knee04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 070Skin and Soft Tissue Infections04/11/20197:00 AM
Evaluate PN 02160 Minutes: Special Report on Hot Issues in Health Policy04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 037Acute Coronary Syndrome Management: When the Clock Is Ticking on the Ticker04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate PN 007Annals of Internal Medicine: Recent Articles That Should Influence Practice04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 111C. Wesley Eisele Lecture: Practice Transformation Using the Chronic Care Model04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 016Clinical Images to Improve Your Knowledge Base and Refine Your Clinical Reasoning Skills04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CT 003Clinical Triad: Rheumatology: Early Diagnoses You Don't Want to Miss04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 076Common Neurologic Conundrums for the Internist: Peripheral Neuropathy, Tremors, and Vertigo04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate PN 026EHR's Bigger Picture: Population Health and Patient Management04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 055Inpatient Sickle Cell Disease Care: Managing Our Inpatients to Keep Them Outpatients04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 025NAFLD/NASH: Liver Lessons We All Need to Learn04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 081Prostate Cancer: What's New in Diagnosis and Treatment?04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 013Top 10 Medication Errors04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate UD 013Update in Women's Health04/11/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CSC 0121st Century Bedside Medicine Skills04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 02Arthrocentesis and Bursal Injections04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 03Building Your Ultrasound Portfolio: Image Review and Feedback04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 04Cardiac Diagnosis with Harvey, the Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 05Chronic Leg Wound Management04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 06Dermatologic Image Interpretation04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 07Diagnosis-Driven Physical Examination of the Knee04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 08Diagnosis-Driven Physical Examination of the Shoulder04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 09ECG Interpretation Skills04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 10Foot and Ankle Disorders04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 11Function-focused Gait Assessment04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 12Incision and Drainage of Abscesses04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 13Intraosseous Catheter Placement04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 14Ophthalmoscopic Skills04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 15Skin Biopsy and Cryosurgery04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 16Suturing Skills04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 17Toenail Removal04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 23Ultrasound Image Analysis Skills04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 18Ultrasound-Guided Central Venous Line Placement04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 19Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Puncture04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 20Ultrasound-Guided Paracentesis04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 21Ultrasound-Guided PICC Line Placement04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate CSC 22Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis04/11/20199:00 AM
Evaluate OC 001Opening Ceremony04/11/20199:30 AM
Evaluate PN 024Aging Planet: Impact upon Health and Health Care Delivery, The04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 008Cardiac Murmurs: Benign or Serious04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 002Care of the Pregnant Patient04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CP 001Clinical Pearls: Cardiology and Pulmonary Medicine04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 003Complete Contraceptive Toolkit: Cases and Demos, A04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 103French Disease at 500: A History of Syphilis, The04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 027Health IT within MIPS: Advancing Care Information04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 036Navigating the Transition from Work to Retirement: Challenges and Opportunities for Late Career Internists04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 010News You Can Use: Current Guidelines in Breast Cancer Screening, Depression, Hematuria, and Pelvic Exam04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 118Perioperative Controversies04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 095Practical Office Orthopedics for the Primary Care Physician: Knee and Shoulder04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate UD 007Update in Infectious Diseases04/11/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 039Antibiotics Made Ridiculously Simple (…or at Least a Heck of a Lot Easier!)04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 034Blood Disorders: A High-Value Care Approach04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 101Busting Medical Myths: When Dogma Is for the Dogs04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 007Cardiac Murmurs: Benign or Serious04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 098Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Update for the Internist04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 004Complete Contraceptive Toolkit: Cases and Demos, A04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 018Ethical Challenges Role Play: EHRs in the Service of the Patient04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 031I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Increasing Individual Well-Being and Professional Fulfillment04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 014Innovations in Behavioral Modification: Nudging Your Way to Better Care04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 112Inpatient Coding: Thinking Inside the Box04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MSFM 001Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind: Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, and Pain Management04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 029Practical Office Orthopedics for Primary Care Providers: The Shoulder04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate WSO 006Turning a Clinical Case into Scholarly Work04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate UD 009Update in Oncology04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 008Vascular Disease from Head to Toe04/11/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 115Basics of Contract Negotiation: What All Internists Need to Know (Note: This session is not designated for CME credit.)04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CSW 011Challenges in Geriatric Medication Management: An Interactive Case-Based Workshop04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CSW 013Clinical Breakthroughs: Harnessing the Power of the Patient–Physician Relationship to Achieve Improved Outcomes04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CT 005Clinical Triad: Hematuria, Erectile Dysfunction, and Testosterone Replacement04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 018Diabetes Care with Oral and Other Noninsulin Agents: What You Need to Know04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 048Hepato-Anxiety: Treating Acute Liver Failure and Decompensated Chronic Liver Failure04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate PN 017Hot Topics for Clinicians: Maximizing Value with Data-driven, Patient-centered Referrals04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 054Inpatient Pain Management in the Era of the Opioid Epidemic04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 094Management of Patients with Gout04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 084Modern Approach to Tobacco Dependence, A04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 032Office-Based Assessment of the Older Adult: Keep Mom Moving04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate PN 009Patient Priority Care: Best Practices on How to Implement in Your Practice04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate SS 001Rapid Fire EKGs: High-Risk Findings Not to Miss04/11/20194:30 PM
Evaluate UD 003Update in Gastroenterology and Hepatology04/11/20194:30 PM
Friday, April 12, 2019
Evaluate CSW 001Brief Military History: The Key to Good Health Care for Veterans in Your Practice, A04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 072Case-Based Approach to Acute Kidney Injury, A04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 068HIV: Long-Term Complications, Preexposure Prophylaxis, and Postexposure Prophylaxis04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 050Hypertension Management of the Inpatient: When High Isn't a Good Thing04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 019Hypogonadism: Sorting through the Controversies04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 023Life-Threatening ECGs Encountered in the Outpatient Setting04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 003Making Sense of Chest Pain04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 058Palliative Care in the Noncancer Inpatient04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 027Practical Office Orthopedics for Primary Care Providers: The Knee04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 096Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: What the Internist Needs to Know and Do about Preventive Care04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate SS 004Top 10 Dermatology Challenges for the Internist04/12/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 040Carpe Diem: Managing the Inpatient with Seizures04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 017Clinical Images to Improve Your Knowledge Base and Refine Your Clinical Reasoning Skills04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CT 001Clinical Triad: Upper Gastrointestinal Tract04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 117Dr. Ananda Prasad Lecture in Physiology: The Adverse Physiologic Effects of Sleep Loss04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 092Drug Allergies: Predicting, Desensitizing, and Managing Them04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 045Encephalitis and Meningitis: Identification and Management04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate PN 019Ethics and Racial and Ethnic Disparities in End-of-Life Care04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 104How to Handle an In-Flight Medical Event: Is There a Doctor on Board? 04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate PN 001Role of a Trusted Credential in an Increasingly Untrusting World, The04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 006Stress Testing: Choosing the Right Test for the Right Patient at the Right Time04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate PN 035Top 10 Practice Transformation Lessons from the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative , The04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate UD 010Update in Critical Care Medicine04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 036Who Really Needs a Work-up for Hereditary Thrombophilia?04/12/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 017Adrenal Disorders: What's New?04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 029Advanced Dementia Management: Challenges and Dilemmas04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 038Allergic Reactions: Urgent and Emergent Hospital Management04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 097Cardiovascular Disease in Women04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate PN 029Innovations in EHR Education04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate CSW 024Life-Threatening ECGs Encountered in the Outpatient Setting04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 028Pancreas Problems: Unraveling the Mysteries04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 087Pulmonary Physical Diagnosis: Legend and Lore04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 069Review of Community-Acquired Pneumonia 201904/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 066Syncope Management: The Three "Es" of Care (Effective, Efficient, and Economical)04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 108Thieves' Market04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate UD 014Update in Ambulatory General Internal Medicine04/12/20199:30 AM
Evaluate CSW 002Brief Military History: The Key to Good Health Care for Veterans in Your Practice, A04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 009Cardiac Murmurs: Benign or Serious04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CP 002Clinical Pearls: Infectious Diseases and Oncology04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 085COPD: What's New for Inpatient and Outpatient Care?04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 020Ethics, Deprofessionalization, and Physician Well-Being: "Re-Enchanting" Medicine04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 035From Myelodysplastic Syndrome to Myeloproliferation: The Mystery of the Marrow04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 021How to Talk to Your Patients about the Cost of Their Care04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 013Improving Care for High Healthcare Utilizers: Tailoring Care to the Complex Patient04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 012Opioid Epidemic and the Role of the Internist, The04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 033Quality Payment Program 101: Making the Most Out of MACRA04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 065Stroke and TIA: Inpatient Evaluation and Management04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 030Telling the Patient's Story in the EHR World 04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 067Top 5 High-Value Care Topics in Inpatient Medicine: Things We Do for No Reason04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate UD 002Update in Endocrinology04/12/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 038Challenges in the Medical Care of Immigrants04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 005Complete Contraceptive Toolkit: Cases and Demos, A04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 041COPD and Asthma Exacerbations: Best Evidence and Best Practice04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 042Curbside Consultations in Infectious Diseases04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 079Current Controversies in Breast Cancer: Risk Assessment, Screening and Survivorship04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate WSO 003Effective Negotiation Skills of Leaders04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 106Leonardo at 500: A Lesson in Creativity04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 083Management of Depression and Anxiety for the Internist: How Not to Have a Panic Attack04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 025Motivational Interviewing for the Busy Clinician04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MSFM 002Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind: Neurology, General Internal Medicine, and Nutrition and Exercise04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 011New FDA-Approved Medications That You Need to Know About04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 030Practical Office Orthopedics for Primary Care Providers: The Shoulder04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 034Quality Payment Program Advanced: Understanding and Improving Performance 04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate WSO 005Stump the Professor04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate UD 001Update in Cardiology04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 016Well-Being for the Physician-in-Training: Addressing Burnout and Resiliency04/12/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 006ACP 2019 Presentation Challenge, powered by PechaKucha™04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CSW 010Cardiac Murmurs: Benign or Serious04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CT 002Clinical Triad: Lung Cancer Screening: Is It Ready for Prime Time?04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate CSW 018Combating Cognitive Bias: Improving Clinical Decision Making in Everyday Practice04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 091Commonly Missed Diagnoses in Allergy and Immunology04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 030Dementia, Incontinence, and Falls: High-Value Care in the Older Adult04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 047Hematologic Emergencies04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate PN 022Improving Individual and Community Health by Addressing Social Determinants of Health04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 024Irritable Bowel Syndrome: New Hope for an Old Problem04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate MTP 060Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate PN 008Understanding Clinical Research: How to Be a Better-Informed Consumer of the Medical Literature04/12/20194:30 PM
Evaluate UD 008Update in Nephrology and Hypertension04/12/20194:30 PM
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Evaluate MTP 090Best Foot Forward: Common Foot and Ankle Complaints That Stumble into the Office04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 006Beyond A1c: Using Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Improve Type 2 Diabetes Management in Primary Care04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 022Colon Cancer Screening: What's New?04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 099Contraception04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 074Diagnosis and Management of Kidney Stones04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate SS 002Eye Conditions That Require Immediate Referral: What the Internist Needs to Know04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 049Hospital and Critical Care Radiology That You Should Not Miss When the Radiologist Isn't Available04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 051Initial Ventilator Management and Troubleshooting Ventilator Challenges04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 010Medical Marijuana: Use and Management Update04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 056Minimizing Medical–Legal Risk and Maintaining Inpatient Care Quality: Cases from the Trenches04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate CSW 026Motivational Interviewing for the Busy Clinician04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate MTP 007Valvular Heart Disease04/13/20197:00 AM
Evaluate PN 041Annals of Internal Medicine Beyond the Guidelines: To what target A1c would you treat this patient with diabetes?04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 014Approach to Wound Care for the Internist04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 001Challenges in Heart Failure: Diagnosis and Management04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate CT 004Clinical Triad: Sexual, Genital, and Urinary Health in Women04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 020Osteoporosis High-Value Care04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 059Pancreatitis: Acute and Chronic Management04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 009Presentation Skills for Physicians: Making Your Next Teaching Presentation Go Better than Your Last04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 062Pulmonary Hypertension: The Needle or the Haystack in Dyspnea Admissions04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 063Quality Improvement for the Practicing Hospitalist04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 109Transgender Health and LGBT 101 for the Internist04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate UD 005Update in Hematology04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 077What Internists Need to Know about Diagnosing and Managing Headaches: Taking the "Ache" Out of Headache04/13/20198:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 073Case-Based Outpatient Management of the Hypertensive Patient04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 082Common ENT Conditions for the Internist04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate CSW 035Communicating Effectively When You Don't Want To: Practical Strategies for Difficult Conversations with Patients, Staff, Administrators, and Other Clinicians04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate PN 005Consult Talk04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 093Hand Pain: A Common Problem with Many Causes04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate CSW 032Improving Physician Well-being and Reducing Burnout in Practice and in Our Community04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 100Individualized Menopause Management in 201904/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 053Inpatient Heart Failure Management: Beyond the Basics04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate AL 001Nicholas E. Davies Memorial Award Lecture: Covert Consciousness and Civil Rights: The Neuroethics of Severe Brain Injury04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 057Noninvasive Ventilation and High-Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy: Practical Evidence-Based Strategies04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 080Palliative Care: Optimal Use in the Current World of Oncology04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate PN 023Public Policy and the Opioid Epidemic04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate UD 004Update in Geriatric Medicine04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate CSW 034Utilizing Health Literacy Communication Techniques to Improve the Patient and Clinician Experience04/13/20199:30 AM
Evaluate IC 001ACP Innovation Challenge 201904/13/201910:30 AM
Evaluate MTP 107"Not Lost" Art of the Physical Diagnosis: An Evidence-Based Approach, The04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 114Beyond Surviving in Medicine: Strategies to Thrive, Be Well, and Find Joy in Practice04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 012Challenges in Geriatric Medication Management: An Interactive Case-Based Workshop04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 014Clinical Breakthroughs: Harnessing the Power of the Patient–Physician Relationship to Achieve Improved Outcomes04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CP 003Clinical Pearls: Neurology and Gastroenterology04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 004High-Value Risk Stratification in the Noncardiac Patient: Preventive Cardiology04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 028Hot Topics in Medical Informatics: Technology Trends That Are Reshaping Medicine04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate PN 015Medical Errors and How to Grow from Them04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 031Medication Management in the Older Adult: To Escalate or Deescalate?04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 113Outpatient Coding: Do It Right and Get Paid for What You Do04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate WSO 001Pictures Worth a Thousand Words: Annals Graphic Medicine04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 031Reclaiming Meaning and Reducing Burnout by Making Empathic Connections04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 021Thyroid Emergencies: What to Do on the Front Lines04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate UD 006Update in Hospital Medicine04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate MTP 071Vector-Borne Diseases at Home and Abroad04/13/201911:15 AM
Evaluate CSW 019Combating Cognitive Bias: Improving Clinical Decision Making in Everyday Practice04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 020Communicating Effectively When You Don't Want To: Practical Strategies for Difficult Conversations with Patients, Staff, Administrators, and Other Clinicians04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate CSW 033Improving Physician Well-being and Reducing Burnout in Practice and in Our Community04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 043Leadership Styles04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 040Mastering the Match04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 012Media in Healthcare: Podcasts, Social Media, and Beyond04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MSFM 003Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind: Cardiology, Women's Health, and Hematology and Oncology04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 026Nutrition and Diet for the Internist: 10 Things You Need to Know So You Can Teach Your Patients04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 037Physician Competency and Aging04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 061Practical Electrolyte Management: Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and More04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 032Practical Strategies for Increasing Adult Immunization While Improving Equity, Efficiency, and Reimbursement04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 039Practical Tips to Help You Care for Refugees04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 025Transitions of Care: A Joint Session of the ACP and the European Federation of Internal Medicine04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate UD 011Update in Pulmonary Medicine04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate PN 004VTE Challenges: A Case-Based Panel Discussion04/13/20192:15 PM
Evaluate MTP 033Anticoagulation04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 078Cancer Survivorship Care in the Era of Team-Based Medicine04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 044Delirium Evaluation and Management in the Hospital04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate SS 003Dermatologic Emergencies04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 075Helping Your Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 105Integrating East/West Medicine into Your Practice04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 086Interstitial Lung Disease: What the Internist Needs to Know04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 027Obesity Management: Pharmacologic, Surgical, and Postsurgical04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 064Shock and Sepsis Management to Save Lives04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate MTP 005Stable Ischemic Heart Disease04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate UD 012Update in Rheumatology04/13/20194:00 PM
Evaluate IMH 001Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 Highlights: Key Messages You'll Want to Take Home and Doctors' Dilemma®: The Finals04/13/20195:15 PM