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Clinical Workshops and Case-Based Learning

Clinical Workshops (CW)

These workshops, which feature interactive sessions focused on communication and interpretative and systems-based practice skills, use small group breakouts and role-play models to teach these important topics. Because of their special educational requirements, these workshops have a limited number of seats available. There is no ticket required to attend these workshops, however, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the classroom well in advance of the scheduled start time. Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • A Brief Military History: The Key to Good Health Care for Veterans in Your Practice
  • Advanced Communication Skills: How to Turn a Volatile Interaction into a Successful Patient Encounter Where You Come out Unscathed
  • Beyond A1C: Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Improve Type 2 Diabetes Management in Primary Care
  • Cardiac Murmurs: Benign or Serious
  • Communicating Effectively When You Don’t Want to: Practical Strategies for Difficult Conversations with Patients, Staff, Administrators and Other Clinicians
  • Helping Others Cope with Grief: The Next Steps after Saying Goodbye
  • Medical Improv: Novel Method to Improve Communication Skills with Empathy
  • Moral Distress in Clinical Settings
  • Know Yourself: Communicate Your Personal and Professional Message
  • Stories that Heal and Reveal: A Radical Listening and Reflective Writing Workshop
  • Thinking about thinking: Improving Clinical Decision Making in Everyday Practice
  • Weight Management Woes: Assessment of Obesity in Primary Care

Case-Based Learning (CBL)

These large-group activities typically employ case-based scenarios and real-world clinical examples to best achieve the session objectives.

  • A Complete Contraceptive Toolkit: What’s New in Contraception
  • CDC's Let's Stop HIV Together and HIV Nexus: Clinical Resources and Care Presentations to Support Ending the HIV Epidemic
  • Challenges in Geriatric Medication Management: An Interactive Case-Based Workshop
  • Clinical Images to Improve Your Knowledge Base and Refine Your Clinical Reasoning Skills
  • Does this Abnormal PAP test need follow up? A case-based approach to personalized cervical cancer prevention using new result management guidelines
  • Life-Threatening ECGs Encountered in the Outpatient Setting
  • Medication Abortion in 2024: What Internal Medicine Physicians Need to Know (To Prescribe or Refer)
  • Partnering for Depression Care: Evidence-based Care of Major Depression
  • Practical Office Orthopedics: The Knee
  • Practical Office Orthopedics: The Shoulder